G&Z Engineering Gallery

3D Machine Design

3D Machine Design

The goal of our engineering staff is to vigorously seek and qualify the feedback from our customers for the purposes of identifying and building the right machine to meet the needs of the market. Another goal is to always seek to improve the “state of the art” to make our customers more profitable and productive and build a better product.

Any design starts with attempting to clearly understand a customer’s problems. G&Z’s engineers sharpen their design skills by spending a great deal of time in the field with the end user. With this preliminary understanding of the “problem(s),” we go to the “drawing board,” to do some good solid research and engineering to come up with conceptual “solutions.” At this point we solicit additional feedback from our customer.

G&Z utilizes the latest computerized aided drafting (CAD), as well as extensive 3-D modeling, to insure fit and accurately convey concepts. At this juncture, we also test the designs for market acceptance and need, as well as function, ease of maintenance, and simplicity of design.

During the final design process, we review all designs with our customer, service personnel and factory staff. It is only by going through this exhaustive design process that G&Z’s solutions hit very close to their mark... the first time!