MARCH 22-26, 2021 | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM | RIPON COMMUNITY CENTER

(Travel dates to and from Ripon, CA are March 22nd and March 26th)

G&Z's Annual Paving School has been teaching industry leading contractors for over 20 years. The Paving School Program is updated every year to include classes that are beneficial to every member of your paving crew from Operator to Superintendent. The curriculum usually includes Equipment Setup and Calibration, Hydraulics, Troubleshooting, Concrete Mix Design, Stringless Paving with Leica, Trimble & TopCon, EGON Telematics and DBI classes. G&Z classes are designed to assist contractors in preparing to have a busy and profitable concrete construction season. Each class provides valuable knowledge that will make a difference throughout the year.

Every year G&Z's engineering, service, and sales management team make themselves available to attendees who have questions or challenges. This face to face interaction allows for stimulating conversation that benefits all of the contractors attending. G&Z believes that one of the most beneficial aspects of paving school is the contractor to contractor networking. G&Z has designed into its curriculum specific times for interaction between attendees. These fruitful times allow for discussion and problem solving.

With the bidding table getting more aggressive, a properly educated crew can make all of the difference. Consider sending your team to the annual G&Z Paving School.

Travel dates to and from Ripon, CA are March 22nd and March 26th. However, please do not book any travel prior to speaking with a G&Z representative.

Hotel and Airport Information

After registering, a G&Z representative will contact you to ensure proper scheduling and availability. Please do not book flights or hotels without speaking to a G&Z Representative.

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