Production Gallery
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Guntert & Zimmerman and Guntert Sales' (G&Z's sister company d.b.a. Guntert Steel) facility is located in central California on the West Coast of the USA.?The Ripon facility lies in the heart of the Central Valley, 4 miles (6.4km) north of Modesto and 26 miles (41.8km) south of Stockton on a 22 acre (8.9ha) parcel fronting Highway 99.

The facility has 112,000 ft2 (10405m2) of covered warehouse, steel storage and manufacturing space.?All building bays are serviced by one or more 5 Ton (4.5 tonne) overhead bridge cranes.?There is an additional 40,000 ft2 (3716m2) of outside concrete slab area for parts storage and machine assembly.?In the yard, there is a 30 Ton (27.2 tonne) crawler mounted, electric Marion Crane for heavy lifting.

G&Z’s processing shop produce intricate parts that are designed under tight tolerances. G&Z machinists utilize the latest tools to ensure components fit accurately. Highly skilled and experienced technicians assemble the equipment and test each machine prior to shipments.

Pre-production Processing

Shop capabilities within G&Z are exceptional. With an average inventory of 3,500 tons (3175 tonnes) of steel, there is an ample and readily available supply for manufacture of parts. The 112,000 ft2 (10405m2) shop building serves as steel warehouse, parts storage and manufacturing space. Several pre-production processing areas can burn, shear, cut, form, and make parts ready for welding, assembly or machining.

Fabrication / Machine Shop

After processing the steel, it is then passed on to the Fabrication and/or Machine Shops where components are welded or machined in preparation for the Paint Shop or Assembly. G&Z’s highly skilled machinists and fabricators utilize the latest fabrication tools and extensively use jigs and fixtures to insure that your parts are accurate, interchangeable and have only the highest quality welds.

Assembly Shop

Besides our assembly facility, there is a 40,000 ft2 (3716 m2) slab and an even larger drained and graded area for outside machine assembly and parts storage. These areas are serviced by outside mobile and crawler mounted, cranes with capacities up to 30 Ton (27.2 tonne), as well as fork lifts. Most of the assembly process is completed indoors by personnel who also serve as Field Service Technicians. When you witness the thought that goes into our designs, the quality of our weldments, the finish on our machined parts and the neatness of our hydraulic and electrical systems, you will be confident that your substantial investment will bring you years of dependable and trouble free service.

G&Z prides itself on getting the job done right, the first time. This does not happen by chance. G&Z was performing Quality Assurance and Quality Checks on all components and equipment before shipping to a job site long before these became buzz words. All G&Z equipment is fully assembled at the factory to the maximum extent possible prior to shipment. All equipment systems are subjected to hours of both in-house factory testing and in some cases official testing, witnessed by an outside third party inspection agency such as ABSG Consulting, Lloyds Inspection or SGS. It is only by this rigorous testing that we can assure your equipment investment will go to work immediately when it arrives at your job site.